Hello Kitty, Hello Pop!

sábado, abril 24, 2010

I've never told you but I'm kind a crazy about hello kitty.
Me and one of my bestfriends Joana!
She is also in love with hello kitty. She has an official Hello Kitty store in Coimbra, can you imagine?
Friday night we went to a party which the theme was Hello Kitty!
We had lots of fun and here are the pics we took for you!

And this is what I wear...

Hope you like it!
I've loved it!

Dress: H & M
Shoes: ZARA
Bag: Victoria Coutture for Hello Kitty
Headband: Primark


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1 comentários

  1. Aiiii amiga adorei tar ctg, adorei a festa ;)

    tavas mesmo muito Kitty, a malinha da VC combinava com tudo o que tinhas, completamente, os sapatos com a headband, tavas liiinda ♥

    Beijiiinho giganteee :*


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